Ilha Formosa – The Beautiful Island Named Taiwan
“Ilha Formosa” exclaimed in amaze by a group of Portuguese sailors in the 16th century when they caught the very first glimpse of the island's verdant beauty. This former name of Taiwan in Portuguese stands for “beautiful island,” which is right the word that the Portuguese uttered. 

Taiwan, first discovered for its lush mountains, diverse flora and fauna, breath-taking geologic structure, is approximately 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles) big. It is conveniently-located in the East Asia. Now, it is simply a short flight away from most major cities in Asia to let you unearth the beauty and wonders of Taiwan. On top of that, Taiwan is also well-connected to the world by regular flights. Please be all set to come here and to find out what this small-sweet-potato-shaped island can hold beyond your imagination!

Shine in The World’s High-Tech Industry
Taiwan has earned an influentially important place in the 3C (computers, communications, consumer electronics) global supply chain. Being internationally-acknowledged as a manufacturing hub, Taiwan holds an 85% share of the world personal computer market.

In addition, Taiwan takes advantage of its strong R&D capability, application know-how and sufficient human resources to build up several global brands.

With fascinating mix of technological innovation and enriched culture, combined with traditional Chinese and aboriginal ones, Taiwan is one of the only places on earth where ancient religious and cultural practices still thrive in an overwhelmingly modernist landscape.